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Kiln-Dried Ash Price: € 320.00 per Crate

Bulk Bags

Crate of Kiln-Dried Ash
Measurements: 1.05m (L) × 1.15m (W) × 0.83m (H)
Weight: Can Weigh Up to 400kg
Moisture Content: Below 18%
Log Length: 25cm

Crate Delivery Information:
We along with our distribution partners, will strive to deliver your pallet in a convenient and timely manner.
It is important to note that the delivery is completed when the crate has been placed in a secure area at the delivery address.
Please contact us on 0874538846 to arrange a delivery and to discuss what form of delivery would suit you best.

Net Bags Price: € 7.00 per bag Price: € 65.00 per 10 bags

Net Bags

Bulk Bags Price: € 75.00 per Bulk Bag

Bulk Bags

Trailer A Price: € 375.00 per Trailer A

Trailer A

Trailer B Price: € 525.00 per Trailer B

Trailer B

Trailer C For Orders Over: € 525.00

Trailer C

Coal Please Enquire About The Prices of our Coal Products


Kindling Price: € 6.00 per Large Bag Price: € 55.00 per 10 Large Bags


Calor Gas Price: € 33.00 per 11.34kg Butane Price: € 145.00 per 47kg Propane

Calor Cylinders